Experience seamless global travel with the comfort of Ocean Jets luxurious Private Jets in USA Experience seamless global travel with the comfort of Ocean Jets luxurious Private Jets in USA

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Elevate your travel with Ocean Jets unparalleled Private Jet choices in California, USA

Elevate Your Travel with Unparalleled Jet Choices

Choose from a vast array of luxurious private jets that span the globe. Our exclusive access to hundreds of carefully maintained aircraft allows you to travel in style and comfort. Your journey begins with the perfect jet that aligns with your preferences.

Journey with the Masters of Private Jet Travel

Trust your travels to a team with three decades of combined experience in the private jet industry. Our seasoned experts understand your unique needs and aspirations, ensuring every aspect of your journey is thoughtfully curated.

Private Aircraft Available

The CITATION XLS, a Mid-Size Jet, is among the elite of Luxury Private Jets of Ocean Jets in USA

Citation XLS

Mid-Size Jet

  • 5.7ft. Cabin Height
  • 5.5ft. Cabin Width
  • 18.7ft. Cabin Length
  • 90 Cu Ft Baggage Capacity
  • Range: 1539nm
  • Up To 4-4.5 Hours Endurance
  • 8-9 Passengers
Meet the CHALLENGER 350, Ocean Jets super mid-size Jet in California, USA

Challenger 350

Super Mid-Size Jet

  • 6ft. Cabin Height
  • 7.17ft. Cabin Width
  • 28.6ft. Cabin Length
  • 106 Ft 3 Baggage Capacity
  • Range: 3250 Nm
  • Up To 7:45 Hours. Endurance
  • 9-10 Passengers
The FALCON 7X, representing the pinnacle of luxury in Heavy Jet travel among Luxury Private Jets

Falcon 7X

Heavy Jet

  • 6,2ft. Cabin Height
  • 7.67ft. Cabin Width
  • 39.07ft. Cabin Length
  • 140 Ft 3 Baggage Capacity
  • Range: 5950 Nm
  • Up To 13 Hours. Endurance
  • 12-16 Passengers
Experience opulent travel with the GULFSTREAM 650, a Heavy Jet offered by Ocean Jets in USA

Gulfstream 650

Heavy Jet

  • 6,5ft. Cabin Height
  • 8.6ft. Cabin Width
  • 46ft 10in.. Cabin Length
  • 195 Ft 3 Baggage Capacity
  • Range: 8,053 Nm
  • Up To 14 Hours. Endurance
  • 12-18 Passengers

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Your Safety, Our Unwavering Priority

Our commitment to the highest safety standards is your assurance of a secure and worry-free journey. With meticulous attention to every detail, from aircraft maintenance to crew training, we prioritize your well-being. Embark on your luxury private jet journey with complete peace of mind.

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